What was on my mind in 2005. Ancient sketchbooks.

117_2005c (2) 117_2005c (3) 117_2005c (1) 117_2005

3 thoughts on “What was on my mind in 2005. Ancient sketchbooks.

  1. Nice stuff. Of these, the first and last struck me the most… since they make me wonder about what’s going on in the situation. I think about what happened before the sketch and may happen in the next moment. I like going back to see stuff I did years ago. Many times, I discover sketches and poems that I had forgotten about.

    • Thank you. The last one should be entitled “We control all of cat’s seven lives” (in English it’s nine, I suppose). It’s strange that I remember it after all those years…hah
      It’s good to go back to old sketchbooks. Especially when we feel that we don’t make any progress or when we’re convinced that we don’t change. It’s a shame that many creatives don’t feel like sharing their sketchbooks. I know they’re usually private and personal but great amount of honest work is crammed in drawers.
      From the other hand I feel that the Internet is not a good medium to present a sketchbook. Sketchbooks have to be shown in private with all their tactile values or maybe they should be swap for a some time between artists.

      • I like your point about sketchbooks helping remind us about our progress and change. I agree. They’re similar to photos where we see our younger selves, but the sketchbooks show us in a different way. Thanks for sharing some of your old sketches.

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